Thursday, February 2, 2012

T.J.'s Target and Me

I knew I had to go to T.J's yesterday, they hadn't seen me for a few days, and I pop in a couple of times a week at least for a "walk through."  Pillows are on my mind, for the living room I am putting together, we'll see.  


Wonderful, and with just a touch of that self-proclaimed cool, color of the year, Tangerine Tango.  I actually love that color, Pantone.

So, I'm happy. I should go home. I have half a house to paint. But no, I do need wrinkle cream and that means a trip to Target. They carry the Boots products my face likes.  I don't really want to go, can't I coax just a bit more of that magic potion out of the tube, you know by rolling it.  

In my mind I'm going home, but the car takes me to Target, go figure.  I like Target, it's so clean and open.  I usually go there for just two things, my Boots cream and their Archer Farms Pizza.  Those pizzas are delicious, all natural and imported from Italy, yum.

Something led me to the home goods and boy I was pleasantly surprised, better go get a cart.

More pillows.

Aren't they adorable?  They go very well with the others from T.J.'s, they like each other.

 And that's not all. lampshades, so cute.

I guess I need to put Target on my "walk through" list!

Now comes the really good part, each pillow, each lampshade, had exactly the same price, $19.99.  The pillows from T.J's should have been more, but I'm not telling. 

I've got to find a reddish, coralish, tangerine tangoish trim of some sort, just thinking, the lampshades might like that.  It's all in the details, you know!

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