Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She's Looking Good

We have been in this 200 year old house for about ten years.  I decided recently to update the old gal (wish someone would do that to me) and started with the dining room.  I think she looks a good 10 years younger.

So, I am totally into this neutral thing, and am almost pretty positive, that I will do the entry in Palladian Blue (you've heard that before.)

Yes, I like it,  look what  I have ahead of me.

I can do it all, except for that corner up there where the spider web is.  If I remember correctly, some brave soul, balanced on a plank of wood, high in the air, supported by a step ladder?  Well, it was something like that.  Guess I'd better find him.

See that smidgin of Blue?  There are patches like that upstairs, downstairs, throughout the hall, and it works.  

My neutral, more peaceful, color scheme seems to be coming from an Irish painting in the dining room,  how can I go wrong?

Monroe Bisque, Palladian Blue, and a darker tan, maybe even brown in the living room.  I think the old gal is going to spiff up quite nicely, don't you?

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