Thursday, February 9, 2012

Isn't Target's Color Red?

Since I have decided to mirror the pillows on two totally different sofas sitting across from each other, I needed two more Red Medallion pillows from Target and two more Oceana Ikatish pillows from Overstock.  Overstock was easy, they came in two days, with a 10 % discount, to boot!

On to the Target website ( I had bought the only two Red Medallion pillows in Augusta.)  Here it is, my pillow problems are solved.

Not so fast, Melinda.  You see the pillow is pictured online, but only available "in store."  One quick call to Target, yes, they have restocked and, lo and behold, have two Red Medallion pillows, but that's it, two.

I run right up to Target, they won't hold anything, and there they are, two CORAL Medallion pillows.  I express my color concerns to a red vested Target employee who immediately scans the pillow's tag with his nifty electronic gizmo and declares, with complete certainty, that these are indeed Red Medallion pillows.  

Why, I don't know, but I tried to explain the difference between red and coral to him, like he cared.  "Madam," he says "look at the screen, they are Red Medallion pillows."  Well, I didn't like the "Madam" and I couldn't see his stupid, little screen.  It was me against his annoying electronic gizmo, and I lost.  I don't take defeat well, I was not happy. 

I thanked him for his help, as I was brought up to do, and had to add, which I know I shouldn't have..."you really don't think those pillows are red, do you?" 

So, If anyone out there finds two Red Medallion pillows, that are really red, at a Target near you, scoop them up for me, pleeeze.  I really want those pillows, I mean it!


Betsy Conti said...

Loving your humor!!!!! This is FUN!

Melinda said...

Thanks Betsy, keep your eye out for those pillows if you ever venture into Target!