Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They Sort Of Look Alike

Been kinda looking for a desk, but probably won't end up buying one.  Must be something in the barn I can stick four legs on, like an old door, we'll see.

One of my rather strange hobbies is finding "the look for less."  I scour more expensive stores for things I like and then go on a treasure hunt.

Here are a few of my desk finds.  In these cases even the pricier one wasn't that pricey.

Z Gallerie $449.00

World Market $199.99
Crate and Barrel $499.00
World Market $229.00

Anything you are looking for?  I'd be glad to help you in the search!


Perry McCourtney said...

Melinda! I need your help! I was at the TJ Maxx in Rockland and found my dream chair, a barcelona chair (with the chrome legs, very mid century modern) for $350, but I didn't buy it because I really need 2! Any advice? should I buy the 1 and hope to find a 2nd one?

Melinda said...

Perry, Don't let your dream chair go, get it! if you don't find it's twin, something else will come along that works for you, be flexible. Also, move it around the room, perhaps one will do! Won't tell you to call all the T.J.'s in Maine cuz I'm sure you have. Good luck, if you have a photo, email it to me, love to see it .

Melinda said...

Hey Perry, check out the Ibiza chair at Regency Shop. Shipping is outrageous, they'd have to come way down on that!

Perry McCourtney said...

Thanks for the advice, I haven't called the other TJ Maxx's..I didn't know you could do that...I'm going to buy it today, and want to have you up to help with furniture placement in this modest little house!

Perry McCourtney said...

I love the Ibiza chair, it's the same style exactly as the TJ chair, but the TJ chair is not leather, more of a tufted linen, which I like....I LOVE the Regency shop, never been to it before, it's destined to be one of my favorites! You're a shopping goddess!