Monday, February 13, 2012

And It Even Lights Up!

It was below ten degrees yesterday and what did we buy...a fountain.  You see we were at Home Depot because we had to get supplies for the tile man, and that's no fun, so when I saw a SALE  banner, I was gone.  Just a few summer items, not much at all.

Let me fill you in.  Summer before last, I worked really hard on a little courtyard garden.  I put up a free fence, seeded an area and planted the rest.  It went from this

to this.

I remember I did it in a day for a hundred dollars (obviously the grass had to grow).  Let me tell you, those broken, cementy, ugly, walkway things were HEAVY!

So, last year I added a few plants, a few vegetables,

 and attempted to beautify the walk to our back door.

The white picket fence got a coat of Essex Green.and things were looking one step above a junkyard!

Don't you think  I deserve a fountain after all that?

Here it is.

Don't worry, it's going to look fine, the garden needed some height and they'll be plants all around it.  It won't look like this, promise.

You've probably already peeked at the price tag, and it does say $37.00.  If it were April and not February, it would have been four times that plus one (that would be $149.00).

It lights up and everything, I just hope we don't look like the Bellagio!


wendy said...

I have faith in your vision! When you upgraded that little corner of your yard it inspired me to retake an overgrown section near my shed and plant carpet it's lovely...this year they were still blooming in December!

Melinda said...

Would love to see it. Do we ever stop? Happy Valentines Day!