Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One Room Challenge Week Two

I am sticking to my guns and continuing with my simple and neutral living room much to the despair of some of my Instagram followers. I thrift all year long and have all sorts of things tucked away for projects like this, the fabulous Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!

I have decided to use a bolt of neutral fabric and a couple of nice blue pillows that I found at Goodwill . . .

and some fabulous snow leopard fabric I found online for $6.95 a yard! So this is the start of my neutral color palette
This week I'll figure out what to do with it !?!
Oh yeah, I'm also adding pops of black and gold and maybe even another animal print.

I am starting to visualize and that's a good thing !!!
Next week I hope to share with you a DIY project that I will be working on this week (if it is not too terribly hard)!
Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One Room Challenge Week One

I am delighted to be a guest participant once again in Calling It Home's One Room Challenge and am hoping that it gives me the much needed incentive to finally put my living room back together.
I started the new year off in a major simplification mode, removing almost everything from my living room and painting the walls white. I left the windows bare and had two chairs slipcovered in white. That's it, nothing else! Do I like all this white or prefer lots of color, I'm not sure. I must say the white walls are very peaceful, but why am I stuck? Hopefully during the next six weeks I'll figure something out. If you followed me last year, you know I do all the work myself, shop thrift shops and my home and don't spend a whole lot of money.
So here I go with a totally blank canvas. I plan to decide on whether to stick with white, where and when to add color, and use paint, staples, and fabric to bring this living room back to life!