Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project "Little Room"

Haven't really "worked" since I painted the living room, thought it was time to get off the couch!  We have a "little room" about 8 by 12 that is a complete waste of space.  So, I have decided to fix it up just for me.  I'll need a chair, a table, maybe a bookcase and that's about it.  I just wish that the person who put up the wallpaper (me) had prepped the walls just a bit!

I have my spray bottle with my tried and true vinegar and warm water mixture, and yes, it still works.  

You cannot imagine how much wallpaper I have removed in my life, and it's not my favorite job!

And finally, after an hour or two (that's about all I can take of this) I'm happy, happy that I only wallpapered part of the wall!

Time to clean up and get outside, warm and sunny in Maine today!

I'm such a neatnik.

Now wasn't that exciting?  It's going to look great, bear with me just a little bit longer!  

I've already got the rug, want to see it?

This is going to be one fun "little room."

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