Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday House IV

Finally, the living room.  Our brand new 9 ft. faux tree, I bought for 75% off last year when we returned from a southern Christmas, all the ornaments we have collected for years, and a touch of pink!

The "touch of pink" was not so easy.  I was hoping to find a pink that didn't fight with the pink pillows on the sofa. I had pretty much given up when a pair of curtains jumped out at me at Goodwill, where else?

So, I bought the two panels for $5.99, made bows, covered a little foot stool, and added pink backing to some felt ornaments. 

Pink on the tree and pink on the mantle, tie the room together.

I think I am done for this year, but who's only December 6th!?!?!