Friday, February 17, 2012

Time To Pick a Color....Again

While I'm downstairs tearing down wallpaper, a tile man is upstairs putting up tile.  I cannot tile and have no interest in learning, not too fond of that whirring circular blade so close to any of my body parts!

I have a black and white floor and thought that white subway tiles were the way to go. You know, they never go out of style and all that.  Well, they were too white and too shiny for me and my ten year old tub.

I needed something neutral and, for the money, was not at all impressed with what Lowes or Home Depot had to offer.  Salvage store , here I come.

Antique Beige imported porcelain tile, at a third the original price, sounds good to me.  One, two, three..........and yes, they had enough boxes to do the job.  Under $100.00 for over 70 square feet of very nice imported tiles. 

They are quite light with a flat finish, and a stone-like texture, not well  represented in the following photos.

So very happy to see the surround out of the bathroom and into the back hall, hope it doesn't stay there for too long.

The tiles are going up really fast, cuz I'm not bugging the tile man.

No wonder they are so straight, what a cool level.

They look so pink, they aren't at all.  I don't like pinkish tiles,  I'm telling you they really are antique beige.  These look horrible.  Mine look great.  

Ahh, there, that's a little more like it.

Another room to paint, and so it goes. FINALLY going to use Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore, I think. I seem to have a commitment issue with Mr. Blue.

I know, I said I was going to use it in the entry, down the hall, up the stairs, etc, that's a whole lot of Palladian BLue. Let's just see how it looks in the bathroom first.

It will be a few days, the tile man's not coming back til Sunday to grout, something about the humidity (it's raining out). Guess I'll have plenty of time to change my know I'm really into white lately!?!?!?

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