Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas House Tour

I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our home in Maine decorated for the Holidays.

                             Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Silver and White Christmas Tablescape

The silver bowl was already on top of the bureau,
I'd been tossing jewelry in it for quite some time.
(Maybe not so that it spills out quote so.)

I'd already planted the paperwhites in old silver pieces,
and the candle just had to be moved across the room.
My three dollar thrift store Santa took center stage,
and immediately felt right at home.
The silver, the bureau, the locket, and the mirror that is the backdrop, had
all once belonged to one grandparent or another.
I'd call that a little tablescape with a lot of history!
By the way, I've just started figuring my way around Instagram,
come along with me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boxwood Globes

FAUX boxwood globes, I thought, perfect for my CHRISTMAS mantle.
I visited an import store and FOUND exactly what I needed.
I grabbed two and went in search of something to put them in.
This did the TRICK.
ALTHOUGH, you will notice I did get out my ever ready GOLD paint.
Then as I was wandering I was PULLED to the 75% off section.
(FALL decorations.)
BINGO, a dollar, a little COLOR for my GLOBES.

They just SIT still like good little BEADS,
NO glue necesssary.
Love them PLAIN,
and with the BEADS.
No TIME at all, and a MERE $6.00.

BEFORE greens, globes, and garlands.
(I'm working on the AFTER.)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Very Easy Turkey Roulade

Believe me, I don't COOK much at all,
and I CAN do this!
This is what you start with, a BUTTERFLIED turkey breast.
(I would NOT attempt to debone the breast myself, that's why there are butchers!)
I stick the breast between two sheets of TIN FOIL,
and beat the he** out of it with a ROLLING PIN.
(Til it's about 1/2 INCH thick.)
It sort of looks like a HEART, cut it down the center.
REMEMBER, a turkey has two breasts, you get two ROULADES!
Then just spread WHATEVER stuffing you like on the flattened breast.
(Leave a little room around the edges, so the STUFFING
doesn't FALL out!)
You roll it starting with the LONG side.
I don't have a photo,
WHO can roll and SNAP a photo at the same time?
Have your cooking TWINE handy, and tie her up!
I used that cookie sheet, probably should have looked for a ROASTING PAN.
Now, that's just ONE, you get TWO!
It came out just perfectly, after 45 MINUTES to an HOUR at 400 degrees.
(I feel bad that it's not plated beautifully, but the diners were restless!)
I TRULY believe the leftovers taste better, COLD!