Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Room Challenge Reveal

I have had so much fun changing my formal navy dining room into a cheerful pink one during Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!

I used all my old furniture except the table and managed to replace it for $25.00. I also purchased an indoor/outdoor rug for $49.00 which is perfect since the dining room gets lots of traffic.

The window treatments, panels and roman shade were $30.00 per window. Another 75.00 for fabric for the chairs and stool. The wallpaper for the screen was 45.00.

Paint ate up most of my budget at 150.00. I did paint the room, chairs, and chandelier.

Most of the accessories came from my favorite store, Goodwill. 

So I managed to totally change my room for about $400.00.

I'm tickled pink with the results, enjoy!

Live Well Without Breaking The Bank!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Five

So here we are at the final week of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!

This week I was supposed to be finishing remaking my chandelier, I'm almost done I'm glad to report.

A few more strokes of the brush and it will be gold. The lampshades are easy, I'll finish them in
a matter of minutes.

I got a little side tracked because I had second thoughts about my white curtains.

So, they turned to green and I am so much happier.

This final week I'll be working on the bar, buffet, and two tables doing a little fluffing, also picking out some pillows and deciding if my mirrors flanking the fireplace should be framed in white or gold!

I'm thrilled with my bright, cheery, casual, dining room!



Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Room Challenge

I'm having so much fun participating as a guest in Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!

Here's a peek at the number one contender for my chandelier shades. I'm trying to amp up the glam factor on my old chandelier!

This may be it, love the paper and it's a charm to work with!



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Four

Half the fun of the One Room Challenge is popping over to Calling It Home to see what so many talented people are up to, I've gotten some good ideas from lots of DIYers like myself.

I have changed my mind throughout this experience but must say I'm finally happy with the way things are going. I finished repainting the dining room this week, sprayed the curtain rods, and covered the chair cushions yet again!

Yep, it's very pink (and it's staying that way)!

Yesterday the temperature hit 50 degrees so I was able to get back to my spray painting.

So I'm back on track after completely changing my mind on color and pattern. 

All I have left to do is a little more trim painting, the window treatments, and come up with something creative to do with my chandelier.

Lots of color, sparkle, Goodwill finds and a crafty project or two that's what this room is all about!

It's all about personal taste!

See you next week.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Three

Week Three is over and I hope you'll follow along with me and all the other participants by checking out Calling It Home , there's a a lot going on and you are sure to find some great ideas!

I've learned something about myself these past few weeks, my decision making capabilities are not what they used to be!

I've changed my mind so many times about fabric for my dining chairs and the paint color for a piece I am painting that it borders on the ridiculous.

I do think I'm sure (at least as of this minute) that my do it yourself dining room makeover accessorized by Goodwill will include the following.

The leopard fabric is still en route which will give me time to take at least three layers of fabric off the chairs.

I've been playing with that gorgeous Quadrille wallpaper in attempt to fashion it into an item that will solve a long time problem in the dining  room. (Stay tuned, it seems to be working.).                               

I also used a China Seas Woven remnant to upscale a $6.00 piece and it turned out great.

Lowes ran out of my spray lacquer so my chairs are at a standstill.

So this week I'll be finishing up the chairs, I hope, and painting a rather large piece of furniture. I'll also be trying to figure out what to do with the three large windows in the room. I'm using the $10.00 white panels that were already there and adding a little something else.

The walls are light and lots of color has been added, it doesn't look like this anymore.

Remember you can live well without breaking the bank!



Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Two

I am here to  tell you that I am still in it for week two of the amazing One Room Challenge. Visit  Calling It Home to see how all the participants are doing!

My project is totally Do It Yourself, reusing lots of my stuff and upscaling a piece or two. Let's just say I'll be using a lot of spray paint. I shop mostly at Goodwill and a salvage store here in Maine, so I never know what I'm going to find. But like all good bargain hunters, I can change my plans in a minute  to incorporate the "OMG, I can't believe I found this" item!

I painted and painted and painted my 20' by 15' dining room with 10 foot ceilings last week. That's a lot of ups and downs the ladder for this sixty five year old! It's done, I didn't fall once, and the navy is history!

Unfortunately the fabric I was in love with last week
now bores me to death!

I covered four chair seats and tried really hard to like it, I didn't.

So I'm sort of at a standstill waiting for this guy . . . . 

and hoping that one of a few samples I picked out online will work. 

Hey, I just had a thought, a little leopard would be nice in my dining room.

I just love a little leopard.

Stop by next week, I'll let you know if I've found THE fabric.

In the meantime, take a look at this fabulous wallpaper that will make an appearance
in the room and not on the walls!

My goal this week is to cover the chairs, paint a few pieces and put this Lyford Trellis
to good use!



One Room Challenge

Having so much fun with the One Room Challenge,  check out Calling It Home to see how everyone is doing!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Room Challenge Week One

I am thrilled to be a guest participant in the amazing One Room Chalkenge. Visit Calling It Homeand follow along as I redo my dining room armed with a paint brush and staple gun!

My dining room has gone through lots of changes in the past fifteen years.
I recently replaced the large rectangular table with a small round one in hopes of making  this little used room more casual and into a room that can be used for more than dining.

This week I'm going to start by lightening the walls, light and airy is where I'm going!

So here I go again!

Live Well Without Breaking The Bank!

Cheers, Melinda !

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Domino Magazine Entry

My one hour, less than $75.00, living room makeover.

I changed the curtains, lamps, and pillows (only bought one pillow and the curtains, the rest I stole from other rooms).

The little gold candlestick, elephant and mirror all from Goodwill for a total of $17.00.

The sofa, chairs, and garden stools all added up to around $425.00 thanks to Craigslist, TJ's, and a local resale shop.


And a few "befores".


I've entered a contest on Instagram and would love your vote if you like my new living room.

The contest is called SOdomino at Domino Magazine. If you go to their Instagram account, like them, and vote for me I'd be thrilled!

Thanks bunches, Melinda


Monday, April 27, 2015

Are you on Instagram?

I have not been a very good blogger recently, not good at all.

My mind has been obsessed with putting our house on the market, big change!

When we relocate I hope you'll follow along on our new adventure.

In the meantime, I've started an Instagram account, here's a quick peek!

Would love to hear if any of you DIYer's, decorators, thrift shoppers, fashionistas, or anyone that likes pretty things has an Instagram so I can see what you are up to.

Change is good,



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bamboo and China Seas


I found two wonderful bamboo chairs at a shop right down the street from our house.
So close, in fact, I carried them home one by one.

Two for twenty-five dollars, you can't beat that.

I painted one by hand with high gloss white paint.

And sprayed the other with a white lacquer.

To tell you the truth, they look about the same.
Spray painting is sure easier though.

Then I came across this China Seas Aga in a turquoise
for a fraction of its original price (thank heavens).
I once again carried the chairs one at a time back downtown.
We are so lucky to have a very talented and very, very
reasonable seamstress in town.

I adore these chairs.
Don't you think they came out great?
Nothing more fun than a bargain that
that ends up
looking like a million bucks.