Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cell Phone Wallet?

OR . . . . Cell phone IN a wallet?
I was SOOO excited when I received an iphone!
Such an upgrade from the dinosaur I had.
I was and STILL am determined to keep it presentable.
Found this leather, SUBTLY monogrammed cover from Levenger and couldn't be HAPPIER!
I considered a "wallet" type but was told those were GEEKY,
(And I don't need to up my GEEK factor.)
BUT . . .
I often run downtown with nothing but my phone and a small bill in my pocket,
(who knows when HAPPY HOUR may call)?
My phone was not happy in my back jean pocket and I hated seeing it sitting on the table.
(Or perhaps BAR.)
SOOO . . . .
My new COVER,
got a COVER!
(If I do say so myself!)
No, you can't take a photo, but she looks so nice all dressed up sitting on the bar!
(Well, that's actually my sofa.)
I do this ALL the time with this vintage wallet.
OF COURSE you can put all your $$$ and CARDS in there too.
Not ME,
I'd just as soon not LOSE everything at once!
Be NICE to your cell phone, you know . . . .


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Forcing Bulbs


Finally got my lazy self over to the nursery.

Did I need twelve?
But, cheaper by the dozen, as they say!
Gorgeous SUPER sized Amaryllis but . . .
Scavenger that I am, found a kit for $7.99 that was good enough for who it's for!
Sun was shining and my enclosed porch was WARM as toast.
So I got to work.
STONES, BULBS, WATER, and something to put them In.
Here we go.
Who doesn't like BLUE and WHITE?
No one.
Three down nine to go.
Grab ANYTHING, just get them planted!
A little SILVER never hurt anyone.
And this metal dish has been around longer than I have!
It was always filled with nuts in their shells this time of the year.
With some TWINE and a TAG,
this Mason Jar could step up to the rank of HOSTESS GIFT!
These GOODWILL urns have been spray painted so many times they've grown an eighth of an inch!!

Another GOODWILL oldie, tall enough to keep the PAPERWHITES upright!
(They say GIN does that too, SERIOUSLY!)
That's TWELVE!
Supposed to go in the glass vase, before I read it needed holes for drainage.
Don't worry, it will be hidden in a lovely cache pot with moss covering every inch of PLASTIC
So EASY, even I can handle forcing bulbs!
You really just put the PAPERWHITE bulb in stones and add water.
Do pretty much the same with the AMARYLLIS only use potting soil.
And of course they need SUN, I know I didn't have to tell you that!
Now it's time to sit back (I do that really well) and wait.
In a matter of WEEKS, the house will look like MARTHA had paid it a visit!
Have a BLOOMIN good time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Table

It all started at Goodwill.
Last summer I found these, two packs of them.



I remember thinking that they would be great for Thanksgiving,
I actually remembered where I had stuck them!

Nice and bright and go with the leftover gourds and pumpkins from Halloween.
So I ran around the house and stole a few things from here and there.
It started to come together,
Just use what you have, it will be fine!
Little pear candles, 10 for a dollar, cute as a button.
Pottery from the kitchen, lanterns from the sideboard,
candles from the living room.
I'm done.
Now, who's going to cook the turkey?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Navy and White Dining Room

Not so long ago, I decided I wanted to go neutral,
(like in paint)

Didn't take me long to realize, I need color.

But something was painfully wrong.
The navy was not working at all with the tan,

Yep, white was the answer.

Don't you think?

A coat of white under the chair rail and crisp new drapes,
did the trick!
it took no time at all and way less than $100.00.
How's that for getting a lot of bang for your buck?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paperwhites and Amarylis


It's time to plant some bulbs if you want blooms in time for Christmas.


Paperwhites will bloom in about 3 - 5 weeks.

Amarylis will bloom in about 6 - 8 weeks.
I'm on my way to Agway,
won't they make great hostess gifts?