Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little Bit of England

Have you ever been to Althorp?  Neither have I.  The Spencers have lived there for over five hundred years, not too shabby.

The grounds are impressive and from what I understand, it is furnished impeccably with antiques and other furnishings of heirloom quality.  Thomas Alexander was asked by the Spencer family to design a line of furniture, aptly called, Althorp Living History Furniture, The Spencer Collection, based on pieces found in the estate. How I found a piece of this collection at a salvage store in central Maine is beyond me, but I did. 

Not only is it, comfortable and plush, it happened to be a perfect neutral for the living room, the perfect sand for the seafoam.

Oh, and guess what?  It was marked 90% off the original price.  I'd say that's a jolly good deal!

After I work like a dog painting the room, put it all back together, and spiff it up a bit, I'll sit myself down with a spot of tea.  Who would have known I'd be sitting like royalty.  But why not, isn't every man's home his castle?


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