Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a Mess!

When you're a bargain hunter like me, things can end up in a mess.  It's a haphazard business, you know, and right now I'm not happy and my house is quite a hazard.

There's a sofa in the front hall, blocking this door and that, waiting for it's new cushions that will take over a month. It's sister is stowed in a corner of the living room, with her nose turned up at her less than lovely counterparts, and fabric is draped here and there trying to decide which wall color will do it justice.  There's a mirror leaning this way, a lamp perched that way, and a dog barking in the kitchen!

I have to move an icky sofa (won't even show you that) relocate my two Martha Washington chairs, and lug a nine by twelve oriental upstairs.  Then, there's that secretary in the living room, which needs to make it's way into the "little room," once the sofa is moved from the hall.

And, that's only the beginning, let's not forget the matter of paint, and more paint, and more paint. The living room, entry, and the "little room,"  where to begin, it's overwhelming.  Right now, I need to jump over the sofa, get a glass of wine and play with my Palladian Blue and Bennington Gray.

An to think, it all started with the dining room, you know how that goes!

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