Friday, March 23, 2012

The Poor Forsythia

I know it's not nice to play tricks on someone or force somebody to do something, but come's forsythia!

From the the time I was very young, my mother would clip some forsythia in the very beginning of spring, plunk it in a container of water and wait for it to bloom.  That was about the extent of her gardening endeavors.

I've branched out a bit (hahaha) but still fall back on her ritual of "forcing" forsythia most every year!  It's about that time.

Loppers in hand, just a few snips, then rid the part that goes in the water of buds or anything else.

And then, this is new to me, smack the end of the branch with a hammer.

 Now simply add water and wait.  

In four days to a week a bevy of bright yellow flowers will appear.  That is, if the poor forsythia forgives me for being forced inside and beaten with a hammer.  I'll keep you posted!

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