Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness

It's March 21 and over 80 degrees here in Maine, my kind of March Madness!
Of course that means trying to get everything you possible can done outside before, dare I say, winter returns.  

They say it's getting colder next week, I can handle that and perhaps one more very light snow, but that's it.

Took a break from working outside to go shopping.  A girls gotta shop you know.

Nails, clapboards, primer and spray paint, what else could I possibly ask for?

Primed and almost ready to go.

No matter how hard I tried, couldn't get the clapboard to stay where it was supposed to (on the house) I need another pair of hands.........Douglas?????
He's never here when I need him, always at work.  Well, someone has to work around here.

I'm great with a spray can.

Oops, haven't sprayed that one yet.  Everything is going black this year, with black and white striped cushions, white cushions and Boston ferns.  That is the picture I have in my head today, but it could change at any minute! Who knows what might catch my fancy on Pinterest?!?!?!

Our new fountain made it's premature debut and we love it.  Course everything is ugly and brown around it with just a few specks of green.

Pretty sure those are antique irises that need dividing.  

I'm sure the fountain will have to go back inside before it's formal unveiling, when there's no threat of frost and the perennials are thriving.  

But we couldn't wait, we had to see it in action.

Wait, let me plug it in.

We added the river rocks (they sell them at the dollar store) do you like them?

So now we have the sound of a babbling brook to add to the sound of a popping cork, right in our own backyard.


Betsy Conti said...

Great stuff as usual,M. Keep it coming! You inspire me!

Melinda said...

Thanks, I've been a little lazy lately!