Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Real

A while back I showed you some photos of faux orchids in my dining room. Soon after, on Valentine's Day, my husband presented me with the real thing.  His orchid traveled all the way from California and landed at my front door!   Guess he wasn't too keen on all the fake ones, he probably has a point.

Well, I must admit, I am a convert.  Now six weeks later, his orchid and one we found at Lowes are both alive and thriving.  I can now add orchid grower to my ever increasing list of talents!

I am so intrigued by these once feared plants. 

I kept the tag so I could tell you that these are Phalaenopsis Orchids.

It says the care level is "resilient" no wonder they are doing so well!

Now that I am an orchid grower,  I'm on the look out for some unique and attractive low containers that will hold three plants or five (I have this thing about using odd numbers in groupings). I may even try a different type......... as long as the care level meets my standards!

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