Friday, March 9, 2012

Mug, Bowl, Whatever

Sitting eating my Better Oats Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal, which I do every morning, and wondering why, why do I reach for the same mug every single day?  I have only two so I wash them by hand, God forbid one is in the dishwasher when I need it. Tea at the crack of dawn, oatmeal for breakfast, soup for lunch, they get a lot of use.

Now, years ago I was into Denby and have a collection of their Harlequin dishes.  I never, ever use the mugs, they just sit and look pretty in the pantry. 

And, as an about to be bride, I chose a lovely pattern from Wedgewood for our fine dining, Medici.  They look pretty darn good for their age, there's a reason for that. Brought the cups out of the cabinet into the pantry, no help at all.  They just sit there wondering why they have been demoted.

My china of choice that I use absolutely everyday, at least twice a day, the perfect size and the perfect weight.  The mug that is large enough to warm both my hands and fine enough to not overheat in the microwave is this wonderful, white, oversized something.  

So what wins over the Denby and the Wedgewood, my Dollar Tree favorite, $1.00.  Why did I only buy two?

Do you do anything like this, or am I  the only one getting a little bit weird??


wendy said...

Same deal...two sets of good china: Nantucket Basket white for every day and Wedgewood Chinese Tiger for 'good.' plus a cupboard full of mugs. Yet I only use a large white mug that I received as a gift, that says "British Comedies" on it. I like the size and shape and frankly it just makes life simpler; it gets washed daily. I guess I'll start to worry when I start to wear the same outfit every day because 'it makes life simpler!!!!"

Melinda said...

Phew, I'm not the only one! I wonder if only extremely intelligent people do such things, probably!