Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little History

What makes your home unique?  I'd say a little bit of history.  Just think there are so many things from your past or your family's past that are yours and yours alone.

Above my mantle in the living room,  I have vases from Goodwill, a mirror from my salvage store and two cartoons that my mother gave her father for Father's Day when she was in college about 1936.

Below the mantle are four framed pieces from my husband's side of the family. There is a grammar lesson in each little frame.  Not sure which of Doug's grandparents first had these, but Doug remembers them hanging in a powder room off the entry hall where he grew up in New Canaan.

Oh, and that brass fender most likely stopped Doug from getting too close to the fire as a toddler, now I just trip over it.

I'm  glad my Goodwill finds and T.J's treasures don't mind sharing space with a little bit of history.

What makes your home unique?  Something from your past, or something brand spanking new?


Sarah Nason said...

Does TJ's accept food stamps?

Melinda said...