Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Redish, Whiteish, and Blueish

Since I got a warning from the Tacky Police for putting flags in my ferns on Memorial Day, I thought I'd better watch my step come July 4th!

No flag cake, red, white, and, blue jello parfait or rice krispy stars for this gal.  I'm restraining myself.  

I am planning to sneak in some patriotic colors (and maybe even a star or two).

Ahh, Sangria.  Use your own recipe, and just add the fruit, (pineapple stars).

French bread, goat cheese, balsamic drizzled strawberries with a sprinkling of chopped basil. (Too bad basil isn't blue.)

I see some red and some white and purple is  next to blue on the color wheel.

I will add a bit of  cheese to this spinach, watermelon and berry salad (no, not star-shaped american, I got the memo), cubed feta instead.  Any variation of  balsamic dressing will do.

Safe from the Tacky Police?

Well almost.  I lied about the cake! (Not really.)


ValenzMom said...

I think you should strip your hair red, white and blue and stand on your porch with your back to the street in protest! Ha, ha! I say that, but I wouldn't do it either. That's nuts. Of course, here in Austin after 9/11 they got after a man for painting an American flag that covered his entire garage door. He told the neighbors that it was his garage door and they didn't have to look at it if they didn't want to. They tried to sic the HOA on him, but there wasn't anything in the bylaws about house painting restrictions so they had to leave him alone.

wendy said...

I so enjoy your blog!

Melinda said...

Enjoy your Fourth of July, ValenzMom. I'll have enough red, white and blue without doing my hair. Great suggestion though?!?!?

Melinda said...

So glad you do, Wendy! I am enjoying this blog more than I ever would have imagined!

Jillian Ende said...

Melinda, I love these ideas, especially the stars in the Sangria! I will definitely be using these recopies at my fourth of July Party this year!

Melinda said...

Have a great party, Jill! Cheers to the Fourth of July!