Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodwill Goodies

I wear jeans ALL THE TIME!  White, Dark Blue, Red, I wear them all.  T.J's usually has what I want for less than $25.00.  What I put on top is another story.  Hello Goodwill.

How cute is this?  Fully lined and fitted.  The vent in the back was still tacked closed, brand new, $4.99.  It's a ny Collection, probably not very expensive, never heard of it, have you?  (Amy, my fashion forward daughter, calls me a label whore, she could be right!)

I actually wore it out the other night just like this with white jeans and and my favorite velvet slippers. The pink Lacoste shirt, same price as the blazer.  So ten bucks at Goodwill and I'm good to go.

And for a sedate, elegant look, this will do the trick.

J. Peterman to boot.  A lovely silk fitted blouse with pearl buttons. (You guessed it $4.99.)  I couldn't even buy the buttons for that.

I really went all out for this, $20.00 at a local consignment store.

It was made for me.  This Navy Blue, very fitted, short blazer from Germany. I take  my cast-offs to this store and had a credit, so it cost me nothing.  And yes, that is another of my favorite $4.99 blouses.

Love the detail.  This could pass for a Gorsuch!

If you don't know what you're looking for.......you never know what you'll find!

           The hunt is half the fun!


Brenda said...

Very stylish recycling! Well done.

Melinda said...

Thanks Brenda, only wish there were more thrift shops in central Maine!

Perry McCourtney said...
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Perry McCourtney said...
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Perry McCourtney said...

Melinda: Cute outfits! Are there any consignment stores that carry mens clothing? I love a great deal on quality clothing (and I have to admit I am a label whore too)

Karen simpson said...

Wow Melinda. These outfits are fabulous. You have a great eye.