Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hotel Pantone

Recently, while visiting my daughter, Amy, in Ireland where she is earning her Master's degree at Trinity College, she arranged for a jaunt to Brussels, taking care of every little detail.  Reservations were made at Hotel Pantone (you know the Tangerine Tango, color of the year people) a twenty minute walk to La Grand-Place, funky and fun!

Our room was the fifth terrace up, one down from the top. We were thrilled with the view!

So of course we took advantage of this photo op.

The view was fantastic in every direction.

 Each room has a color theme and this was ours.

Both Amy, and I agreed that they could have done more to set off the color theme, but we were happy  none the less!

The lobby was cool and the young staff extremely helpful, supplying us with wine glasses, silverware and china for our take-out dinner in the room (Exhausted, much?) They definitely were not going for comfort with their quirky chairs!

The mural in the breakfast room says it all.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Pantone, and the day we left were treated to a colorful rainbow. 

                                                   How apropos!

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