Friday, June 15, 2012

Tickled Pink

Yep, she's sporting a new look, this old blog of mine.  Brighter and more open was what I was going for and by gosh, I think I've got it!

The photos are different too.  A lot more white and texture, the way I see things lately. Don't get me wrong, I'll always have a preppy side, I love pink!

I did not do this myself.  I could count my computer skills on one hand and not even get to my ring finger.  I had a lot of help from one very talented daughter.

Facebook messages and emails flew between Hallowell, Maine and Dublin, Ireland.  I ordered a Moroccan trellis, she delivered.  I sent photos, changed my mind, and sent more photos.  I had a lot of help from one very patient daughter.

She's pretty amazing, this daughter of mine.  Environmentalist, Singer, Actor, Model, Graphic Designer, take your pick. She's pretty amazing.  

Whether studying in Rwanda,

putting on the Ritz in Dublin,

inhaling Rome,

or Charlie's Angeling it in Budapest,

she does it all.

Thanks Amy, I know you bent over backwards trying to please your dear old mom.

And you did, I'm tickled PINK!


wendy said...

Amazing girl!

ValenzMom said...

I love it! And your daughter is beautiful, too (just like Mom)!

Melinda said...

Thanks to both of you for such nice comments. I do appreciate your thoughts very much! ! !