Friday, June 22, 2012

Touches of Texture

Texture adds interest.  It makes a room come alive.  I add texture anywhere I can and always like something soft in each room (along with something Black and a little bit of Gold).

Accessories, furniture, wallcoverings, fabric and area rugs all bring texture to a room.  

If your rooms feels blah, perhaps what you need is some texture.  Add a few baskets, a fluffy pillow or throw a rusty old found object into the mix.  Experiment, have fun, express yourself.

You'll see.  Texture may very well be that little something your room was missing!


ValenzMom said...

How right you are! I have a nice small black Buddah head I bought a few years ago but it always seemed to "disappear" where ever I'd put it. My hubby solved the problem by spraying a little gold paint onto a dry wide paint brush one day and simply swiping it down the front of the Buddah. Now there's not too much, not too little gold on the face that brings out the features just right.

Melinda said...

One smart husband, what a great idea!
You are very nice to read and comment on my blog, I do appreciate your time and thoughts. A blog in your future, perhaps?

ValenzMom said...

I've thought about it. I think I'm trying to settle on one thing right now. I bought a new sewing machine for Christmas and have been making all kinds of tote bags using my left over fabrics, trims and tons of buttons (which are mostly vintage inherited from my grandma). My daughter and friends think I should start an Etsy site. I've also been write some stories for my grandkids (I have 3 - aged 8, 4 and 14 mos). My friends (and my grandkids) think they should be published. Who knows?