Monday, April 2, 2012

Pillow Painting

You may have noticed  by now, I change things around quite a bit.  That's what happens when you are a seeker of bargains.  Can't pass up a great deal, but not entirely sure what to do with what you find. You just have to be flexible.

 None of the original pillows I thought were for the living room seem to have found a place on the couch!  Two are in the front hall, two are on the "why did I buy these?" list and two are totally the wrong color!

Overstock's Seafoam was a little too dark for me and the room.

So I decided to add a little paint!!!  Gold, Dark Green, and Beach Glass turned it into this.

This one didn't stand a chance.

And this might just be a contender.

So easy to do, just a foam brush and little bottles of paint from the craft store. Yes, you can feel the paint a little, but you are leaning against it, not sleeping on it, so it works just fine.

I bet Overstock would have charged a heck of a lot more for this exquisite, one of a kind, hand painted pillow, don't you?

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