Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Seeing Yellow

Now we have had excellent weather here in the northeast lately, just fantastic! And then the rain came and did it ever.....pouring.

I took these last week, don't they seem perfect for a gray day?

That's the forsythia, a few stems short. (Remember I  forced some a few weeks ago, smashing with a hammer really works.)

And here you can see my next door neighbor, the Hubbard Free Library, all the granite came from Hallowell.

A small sampling of the touch of yellow in my pocket garden, which looks pretty bad right about now.

I got some yellow bargains, too.

Dryer sheets from Restoration Hardware for $1.69 at Christmas Tree, and they do still smell like lemon. I can only find them on Ebay now, for $13.99,  wonder what Restoration Hardware was getting for them.

Found a pair of these at Goodwill a while back, not great, but for $4.99 they add a bit of color and can go soooo many places.

They don't look bad on my mantle?  P.S.  Most everything in this photo has been moved or deleted. Red urn, out to the porch and Louis Chair across the room.  The mirror and vases still remain, at least for now.

 I love these Bruno Magli's Amy found in Winter Park for about a "fiver," a chip off the old block, wouldn't you say? That's the second pair of Bruno's she's found for me.

So, it is still raining cats and dogs, which reminds me of one more yellow thing...... he wasn't a bargain, but worth every penny!

Of course, that's one of Hallowell's favorites, Hobie!

With no sun beckoning me outside, I am spending the day figuring out which half done project to attack next, listening to some tunes and you might say, singing in the rain!

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