Thursday, April 26, 2012


How many of you are on Pinterest?  Geesh, it seems to be the newest form of computer addiction.

I like Pinterest a lot.  It allows me to look for different designs and recipes, clothes, and just about anything else I so desire!  It's like flipping through a magazine. Make a Board, Pin to it, and you have begun your adventure in electronic scrapbooking.

My boards are sparse, and few and far between, sort of just getting the hang of it.  All in all, Pinterest is a great resource and loads of fun.

Because someone Pinned a multi-strand pearl necklace on their Style Board, I decided I needed one (mmmmm, this could be a problem with Pinterest). I immediately Repinned it and went looking for a similar necklace on the internet.(I love chunky necklaces, I think they are youthful, the chunkier the better as far as I'm concerned.)  Don't even ask about the gold linked belt I wrapped three times around my neck one night.

 I found just what I was looking for on Etsy.  Pinterest, Etsy, no wonder I never get anything done around here!

Deciding I didn't really need the pearls, I didn't order them, but Pinned them to my Style Board.

Within minutes they were being Repinned again and again and again and again!  Pinterest is a great way for Etsy Shops to strutt their stuff.  These came from WOWTHATSBEAUTIFUL.

Unbeknownst to me, Douglas ordered them for my birthday, making me very, very happy!  Because they were a present, I won't mention the price.  Let's just say my husband got off pretty easy this year!

                     GO AHEAD,
                           TAKE A LOOK AT MY BOARDS


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