Monday, April 30, 2012

Jump on the Bandwagon

And I thought I had discovered something new.......guess not!  I dare say I might just be one of the last to jump on the method Cleaning Products bandwagon ( I might just have to run behind it).

I picked up the method ALL-PURPOSE natural surface cleaner, and method DISH SOAP at Target this past weekend and have become a convert. I am thinking I paid $2.62 a bottle, that number keeps popping into my mind, but I could be wrong.  There's a first time for everything.

Biodegradable, tough on stains, with non-toxic, plant-based powergreen technology, these babies work!

Decision time....method has five extremely well done fragrances, cucumber, clementine, lavender, pink grapefruit and ginger yuze.  No lavender or ginger yuze for me. Lavender reminds me of sheets and what the heck is yuze, anyway??

A little spritz here, a little spritz there, by the time I selected cucumber the next shopper down the aisle might easily imagine herself sipping Champagne in Provence or a Seabreeze in Palm Beach.

Now, if they could only capture the scent of a very fine cab, I'd be right at home (and it would even match the little beets in my tiled backsplash)!!

              BE GOOD TO YOURSELF
                                         AND YOUR WORLD!



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