Friday, August 23, 2013

Front Hall Bench . . . Or Table?

In yesterday's Thrift Shop Thursday I showed you my new gold bamboo mirror. 

Got to thinking that I might like a table rather than a bench under the mirror, I know, I do change things a lot!

So I went shopping . . . in the house.

Plates from the kitchen, candlesticks from a mantle, urns from the front porch, a ceramic piece a friend gave me a few years ago, and two sunflowers from my garden.  The table was in a hall upstairs and the green fronds in the back room ready to be thrown out (I was over faux, I thought). My hat was on the dining room table and the basket, who knows, I have tons of them.

Tables are fun, so many more options than a bench, imagine the possibilities.

Gee, that statue on the porch, my flourishing ivy plant, a stack of books from the den, and yes, the two green lotus urns sitting on the dining room table . . .

                       Oh, the possibilities!


Melinda Jennings said...

Oops, can you spy the difference in one of the tablescape photos?

Melinda Jennings Interiors said...

And, after a day with the table, I am going with the bench.