Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrift Shop Thursday

Oh how I love a thrift shop.  You just never know what treasure you might find.  I have been thrifting for years, in fact, my mother used to find my Christmas church outfit while volunteering at the Darien Thrift Shop.  I can vividly remember a pair of red MaryJanes and a dark green plaid coat with a velvet collar and a matching hat, sort of like you made out of newspaper when you were a kid, with a grosgrain ribbon trailing from it's back. Yep, I was a fashion icon at five!

Back to the present.  Here in central Maine I do not have a whole lot to pick from, Goodwill is really it.  But that's okay, if you pop in often enough you are bound to spot something.

One of my latest  (and I think greatest) finds is a rather tall, rather wonderful lamp.

I am doing over a master bedroom and this is just perfect.  I love WHITE, as many of you already know.

So I just had to know what kind of a bargain I had found.  Well, well, well, the same exact lamp was on One Kings Lane from a shop called Behind The Orange Door, the sale had ended so there was no price.

Thankfully, the nice ladies at Behind The Orange Door  were more than happy to tell me what a wonderful piece it was and that they would be delighted to sell one to me for $249.00.  I politely refused their kind offer.

Here they are, I get such a kick out of this.

It is the same lamp, from top to bottom.  The only difference is that the one on the top was $7.99 and the one on the bottom $249.00.  I am not a math whiz, but even I know, mine was a steal!

                          HAPPY THRIFTING!



Anonymous said...

Heavens! That is one gorgeous lamp, Melinda. Of course, I would never have paid $249 for it but I definately would have snatched it up for $7.99! I can't wait to see what you do with it and how you decorate around it. I know it will be beautiful.

Melinda Jennings said...
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Melinda Jennings Interiors, etc. said...

Hi, it is a great lamp, glad you like it! Wait til you see the shade I found.