Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hydrangea Wreath

The weather here in Maine last Sunday was gorgeous, a perfect day to spend outside.  A friend of mine has Hydrangea bushes flanking her lovely John Calvin Stevens designed home, so we thought it was the perfect time to make some wreaths. You know a MARTHA kind of day!

And I'm off.

The home was built in 1899 so I imagine these Hydrangeas have seen a few springs.

Loppers in hand we went to work.

This is serious business, not a wine glass in sight.

We gathered enough Hydrangeas to make a mighty fine mess.

Even the cat looked bewildered.

I used a twig form for my wreath and just stuck the stems between the twigs, no wire or glue.  

After adding more and more, and then just one more, I tweaked it a bit and voila . . . 

Right now it is hanging above the buffet in the dining room.

I love the pinks and greens and white, and especially like the fact there is no orange or brown in sight!

You may remember that last Christmas, our home was decorated all in pink and white.  Guess I have a little rebellious streak in me!


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