Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrift Shop Thursday

It seems I have always liked Chinoiserie even before I knew what it was.  I am surprised at how many Chinese inspired items I have throughout my house.  Pagoda shaped lanterns on the front porch, bamboo trellis wallpaper in the master bath, and of course my great little yellow dish from the flea market in Brussels! You know, the one with the birds and cherry blossoms.

So when I walked into the lobby (yes, our Goodwill has a lobby) at Goodwill and saw this gold bamboo mirror I scooped it up.

Those are my stairs, it's in the front hall.

Looking around on the internet I found you can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for a pretty plain and skimpy gold bamboo mirror, up to many, many hundred for one similar to this.  This is one heavy mirror.

Just perfect, even if it is Chinoiserie cheap chic!

 When I said Chinoiserie cheap chic, I really meant it. This gorgeous mirror was less than one hundred dollars, way less . . . $9.99.

Looks good in the front hall, don't you think?

                        HAPPY THRIFTING!


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with this mirror before you even posted this on your blog. I saw your post on Pinterest and pinned it to my Decorating Loves board. I swear if Hubby and I ever win the Lottery, the first trip we take will be to the Goodwill store in your little corner of Maine. You'll know we're there, too, 'cause I'll knock on your door first so you can show us the sights!

Melinda Jennings said...

We do have a great Goodwill, wish there were more thrift shops around, though. Let me know when you win the lottery!!!