Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Monument in Galway

Right in the middle of Eyre Square in Galway stands the Galway Hooker Monument. (No, not what you think! Remember we are in Galway!) 

The monument was erected in 1984 and is actually a representation of the traditional Galway fishing boat called a Galway Hooker.

134 children from 8-13, whipped out their knitting needles and covered the structure with 2,086 patches, using 300 balls of wool, just for fun, just to bring on some smiles.  

Fantastic!  What a great idea. And they succeeded in making me smile!

Something like this could easily work itself into a school fundraiser. Forget the bake sale,  sponsor a square and send the class on their school trip! 

Thanks, children of Galway, you made my day!

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