Friday, July 27, 2012

Fountain Update

Yes, the best time to get a bargain on a fountain in the state of Maine is when you are knee deep in snow.  Our $37.00 find is now at home in our very casual garden outside the ell of our home right in the middle of town.


became this.

A year later we added this,

a bit of pea stone and a few chairs.

                               VOILA!!  OUR IN-TOWN OASIS!!


ValenzMom said...

I'll bet when you're back there relaxing, you can't even tell you're in the middle of town. Here in TX, the edges of all my plants are a little brownish. I never think about it any more until I see pics from elsewhere like your beautiful oasis. I can't really complain this summer, though, we've had over 6 inches of rain this month alone while the rest of the country is in a drought. It's the wettest July since 2006 here in Austin, but it may be all we get until Fall. Love your garden!

Melinda said...

Hi, glad you and your garden have had some rain this year! I spent two week in Dublin and Brussels with Amy and was thrilled to come home and find that my husband had kept my plants and hanging baskets alive!