Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Glowing Tissue Paper Orbs

I am not crafty, never have been, never will be!  But, when I saw this little, tiny, project on Pinterest, I was off to the Dollar Store.

Four Bucks!  White tissue paper, white balloons, white glue, and battery operated tea lights.

Blow up the balloon, rip up the tissue paper, dip it in watered down glue, and wrap around the balloon.  Simple, even I was successful!

Let it dry, cut a hole in the balloon (for the tea light), remove the popped balloon, and VOILA!

  I plan on making a few more (they take just a few minutes) and using them in my greens on my dining room table this Christmas!

They are sitting in a fern now, so you can see how much fun they are and just how crafty I am!

                             Who knew!!!


ValenzMom (aka Helen) said...

These are fantastic, Melinda! I can see these in many different colors, especially red and green for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

Surprisingly easy too! Wondering if the light would show up with darker colored tissue paper.