Thursday, November 1, 2012

Painted Pieces

Lately, I have been recycling a few pieces of furniture. My original thought was, and still is, to bring these pieces back to life and sell them!

I have done half a dozen pieces so far and have to admit I have kept five of them!  Does anyone else have a hard time parting with their creations?  

My latest project was two broken dining room chairs.  Perfectly sturdy, but their arms were dangling.

I see glossy black in this chair's future.

Got rid of the arms, used a little putty, and painted.

Found this fabric online and could not wait for it to arrive!

Oops!  Wrong color!!

Nice, but I wanted black, or should I say graphite?

The graphite fabric came and looks oh so nice on my newly painted chairs.  I think I'll keep them!?!?!

House Beautiful liked them enough to include them in their Readers' Favorite Chairs album!  

That was easy, now just what will I do with the blue fabric? There must be a seat somewhere waiting to be covered.

Have staple gun, will travel!


ValenzMom said...

Oh my gosh, yes, I have a VERY difficult time parting with pieces of furniture that I fix up! Several years ago I bought two shield-back Hepplewhite chairs. I stripped them and painted them gold. Then they sat for over a year while I searched for just the right fabric to recover the seats. Of course, hubby kept asking about them because they weren't finished. I finally found the right tone-on-tone berry striped fabric, covered the seats, and placed the chairs in my dining room. Two weeks later I ended up selling them to a friend who came over for coffee and fell in love with them - but I really didn't want to let them go.

wendy said...

That blue fabric could have a future in a room with touches of B-M Palladian Blue...or is there too much green in it? (The fabric)?

Melinda said...

Oh ValenzMom, you are just fine after parting with those chairs, and I will be too when I sell my furniture!

Melinda said...

No green in it at all, Wendy. A Palladian Blue room in your future?