Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday House II

I  have really been into white this year, painting my front hall and living room White Dove.  My dining room is Monroe Bisque (not sure I love it) with white cotton duck seat covers. 

 So, after hanging the garland on the dining room mantle and weaving a gold and white ribbon through it, I stood back and decided it looked pretty yucky! It needed white and not that flimsy white ribbon they sell everywhere!  So I had to improvise...

The white cotton duck I had left over from the chairs was too heavy and I could find nothing in the house.

Off to Goodwill where I found a brand spanking clean white sheet for $3.99.  

Ripped into pieces, ironed to about four inches wide, and yes, it made beautiful bows and bedecking for not only this mantle but for the staircase too. (Another day.)

The white cotton duck slipcovers got into the Christmas spirit with the addition of a napkin marked Smithsonian Institute (it should say Goodwill, 25 cents).

Thrilled with my bed sheet bows, I have just one little problem.  What do I do with the bow made from the sheet's eyelet trim?


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