Monday, September 10, 2012

Ikat, White, and Zebra

My little room has long been neglected and I wanted to turn it into a place for me and my ideas.  

Two old chairs, some white spray paint, and an ikat remnant, voila!

An old farm table turned into a desk with lots of space.

A few new accessories, the blue green shell platter, only $3.00 at T.J.'s and the Moroccan trellis frame, $7.00 at T.J's.  

Painted my Target lampshades gold, added a few baskets, found an old column for $8.00, borrowed a garden stool from the porch, and am good to go!

Oh yes the rug.  It had been in the living room waiting for me to take down the wallpaper and paint this room WHITE.

Here's how it all came together, please tell me what you think.

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ValenzMom said...

I think it's still summer in your new office! I love the colors - aqua is my favorite anyway. Your chairs make me think of some old musical instrument - something I can't quite recall, but beautiful nonetheless. Just lovely!