Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Tabletop

The other day while walking up and down the hills of Hallowell, I noticed a make shift stand in front of one of the homes I pass daily.  Japanese Lanterns, 25 cents a stem, read the sign next to a large vase of those intriguing bright orange flowers.  What made it even more Hallowellian was the coffee tin with a slit cut in the plastic top sitting on the table, on the sidewalk, unattended...the honor system.

 You can be sure the next time I walked by I had a dollar bill and more than a few quarters to stick in that slot.

Once home, those Japanese Lanterns started it all.

Out came the antique brass birdcage with the sort of creepy bird, at least he's orange, and a pale green rooster.

Then a walk downtown for the little pumpkins and gourds.

 My mother-in-law's reddish roosters and my thrift store candle toppers, came out of the cupboard, and so did the Dollar Store ceramic pumpkins from last year.

They all add up to Fallapalooza on my sideboard!

Oh, that's what one might call a gourd candle sitting by the roosters.  I found it and that basket at my salvage store, $7.00 for the two.

I know some would put the lanterns in the rooster, put the rooster on the table and call it a day, I've just never been that way!


ValenzMom said...

Your sideboard looks beautiful. I also noticed one thing you didn't mention - your Brussels Veuve Clicquot ashtray that Amy bought for you! It matches perfectly and looks right at home. I love those Japenese lanterns - wish we had those here in TX. Such a lovely shade of orange. Those pretty white ceramic pumpkins are the cutest, too! You just make me want to move to Hallowell!

Melinda said...

Well eagle eyes, nothing gets by you!