Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boxwood Globes

FAUX boxwood globes, I thought, perfect for my CHRISTMAS mantle.
I visited an import store and FOUND exactly what I needed.
I grabbed two and went in search of something to put them in.
This did the TRICK.
ALTHOUGH, you will notice I did get out my ever ready GOLD paint.
Then as I was wandering I was PULLED to the 75% off section.
(FALL decorations.)
BINGO, a dollar, a little COLOR for my GLOBES.

They just SIT still like good little BEADS,
NO glue necesssary.
Love them PLAIN,
and with the BEADS.
No TIME at all, and a MERE $6.00.

BEFORE greens, globes, and garlands.
(I'm working on the AFTER.)

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