Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cell Phone Wallet?

OR . . . . Cell phone IN a wallet?
I was SOOO excited when I received an iphone!
Such an upgrade from the dinosaur I had.
I was and STILL am determined to keep it presentable.
Found this leather, SUBTLY monogrammed cover from Levenger and couldn't be HAPPIER!
I considered a "wallet" type but was told those were GEEKY,
(And I don't need to up my GEEK factor.)
BUT . . .
I often run downtown with nothing but my phone and a small bill in my pocket,
(who knows when HAPPY HOUR may call)?
My phone was not happy in my back jean pocket and I hated seeing it sitting on the table.
(Or perhaps BAR.)
SOOO . . . .
My new COVER,
got a COVER!
(If I do say so myself!)
No, you can't take a photo, but she looks so nice all dressed up sitting on the bar!
(Well, that's actually my sofa.)
I do this ALL the time with this vintage wallet.
OF COURSE you can put all your $$$ and CARDS in there too.
Not ME,
I'd just as soon not LOSE everything at once!
Be NICE to your cell phone, you know . . . .


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