Monday, February 17, 2014

Garden Stools

Open any decorating magazine, they are there.  In the east, in the west. by the sea, or in the mountains, Garden Stools are everywhere.

I found my two at TJ Maxx quite a few years ago, on sale of course, and probably paid about $25.00 each.  They have been in almost every room of my house, together or by themselves.  

Garden Stools are right up there with upholstered benches, pillows, and mirrors in my book, they go so many places and are so versatile.

I have two of these, the next one I get will be a bit bigger and rounder, but these have done well by me.

For a magazine, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea by the fire, it works. 

Hiding in the corner, it works. 

Flanking the front door at Christmas (there is one on the other side too), it works.

And next to the you know what, in the you know where, it works. 

Downstairs, upstairs, and finally outside on the porch. they work. 

Garden Stools are a must, don't you think?  

One even made it to the garden! 

Do you have a thing for Garden Stools like I do?  

P.S.  Look up at Hobie, our yellow lab's, photo at the right, there's that Garden Stool again!


laney said...

...melinda i have just found your lovely blog...and have been visiting your seems you are moving from your precious town?...i feel like the lucky neighbor who just moved in next door to you...and now find you are departing the neighborhood...hope you are taking this wonderful blog along with you... and all the rest of us too!...blessings wherever you are... laney

Maria Killam said...

I totally agree, I have one that got cracked because I left it out in the snow and still resisted replacing it (not sure why).
I should have bought the ones I saw at HomeSense this summer :) x Maria

Melinda Jennings said...
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Melinda Jennings said...

Hi Maria! I am a devout follower of your blog and am thrilled you visited mine!

Melinda Jennings said...

Thanks Laney, doesn't look like we are going anywhere soon.