Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yes, it has been a while.  Winter is almost gone, I hope, Easter is around the corner, and SPRING weather should arrive any week now.

The flower shop downtown has the spirit.

                       TO SPRING !


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about you! Of course, one of your old posts said that you hibernate in the winter and I'd been watching the weather reports for Maine, so I knew you'd poke your head out sooner or later. We really missed you, though. I was wandering around your blog just yesterday looking at some of your older posts (before I joined). I'm really glad you're back!

Melinda Jennings said...

Hi, good to be back, even if I do ease myself back into blogging. Thinking about changing it up a bit. Hope you will stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

You know I will!