Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday House IV

Finally, the living room.  Our brand new 9 ft. faux tree, I bought for 75% off last year when we returned from a southern Christmas, all the ornaments we have collected for years, and a touch of pink!

The "touch of pink" was not so easy.  I was hoping to find a pink that didn't fight with the pink pillows on the sofa. I had pretty much given up when a pair of curtains jumped out at me at Goodwill, where else?

So, I bought the two panels for $5.99, made bows, covered a little foot stool, and added pink backing to some felt ornaments. 

Pink on the tree and pink on the mantle, tie the room together.

I think I am done for this year, but who's only December 6th!?!?!


Melinda said...

Next year, no red balls. Silver, gold, and blue will do!

ValenzMom (aka Helen) said...

You have outdone yourself, Melinda. I love the touches of pink in your decorations that tie in with your living room decor. My daughter-in-law asked if your decorations were inspired by breast cancer research because of the pink! She felt that should be your theme. Great job - it's so beautiful as is everything you do. A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're doing OK with all that snow you've been getting up in Maine! I know you folks wanted a white Christmas, but come on! Isn't this a bit too much? :) Stay warm and have a very Happy New Year.