Friday, May 18, 2012

Porch Season

It's time, it's finally time, to put the porch together!

Since we live in town on a postage stamp size of a lot, we make the most of our front porch. I concentrate on the area to the right of the front door since the left side is a major thoroughfare to the kitchen door (the only door we ever use). 

The original light fixture with it's pine trees and 117 and rust will never be changed.

I did add lanterns to each side of the front door, candlelight only.

My mismatched furniture has been white, green, black, back to white and now sports a glossy coat of black.

I love the green with the black.  It wasn't til I hung the ferns that I decided to go in that direction.  I found the geometric round tablecloth at Target and picked up the same in a rectangle for the love seat and bench. ($15.99 & $17.99.)  The rug was a steal at my salvage store for just $23.99 and sweeps clean in a jiff!  We sit out there a lot so I did indulge in Ballard's sunbrella striped cushions ( no uncomfortable buttons like the ones at T.J.'s).  At $35.00 a piece we will be sitting on them for a very long time. That's it, everything else was already mine!

Pink always has a way of appearing when I see green!

And a touch of black to tie in the rug and chair cushions.

I wear that hat EVERY sunny day!

We love our front porch in our little city of Hallowell, Maine.  You just never know who may stop by for a chat or a glass of wine, you just never know!


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful porch! It looks so inviting!!! Makes me want to curl up with a good book and a glass of lemonade.

ValenzMom said...

I agree, Rebecca, it's cozy yet breezy at the same time! I love the summery colors with the black accents and that shock of pink just brings it all together perfectly. I can't imagine it gets too hot up in Maine, so you could spend every day out on that porch...

Melinda said...

Rebecca, you can often find me with a book on the porch (there's a chaise on the other end.

Melinda said...

We can have some hot days up here, ValenzMom, but probably not like Texas. The photo in my header shows the porch last year before I painted the furniture black.