Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Five

So here we are at the final week of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!

This week I was supposed to be finishing remaking my chandelier, I'm almost done I'm glad to report.

A few more strokes of the brush and it will be gold. The lampshades are easy, I'll finish them in
a matter of minutes.

I got a little side tracked because I had second thoughts about my white curtains.

So, they turned to green and I am so much happier.

This final week I'll be working on the bar, buffet, and two tables doing a little fluffing, also picking out some pillows and deciding if my mirrors flanking the fireplace should be framed in white or gold!

I'm thrilled with my bright, cheery, casual, dining room!




sharon smith said...

This looks great! Just in time for the holidays.
The House of Hampton

Melinda said...

Thanks Sharon! It will be fun to decorate for the holidays.We'll see if I put my usual two small trees in there this year!

Stephanie Watkins said...

Wow Melinda! It is looking gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the final reveal on Thursday