Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Silver Makes It Special

I am always on the look out for old silver plated pieces, be they from grandmother's attic or some once fabulous hotel. 

Repurposed silver adds sparkle to a room. . .  any room.

Thrift shops, garage sales, and auctions all have these pieces. Who knows you might just luck out and take a sterling piece home for a song!

Hotel silver can be plain or fancy.

 Its fun, it's inexpensive and look what you can do with it.

I keep mine polished, for a more formal look, but the tarnished look works well with shabby chic.  They say the more you use silver the less you need to polish it.

Grandmother's old tea set need not be used just for tea anymore!

                          Couldn't your home use a little sparkle?

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