Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Cabin in the Woods

I wrote this four years ago, not much as changed 'cept we're all much cuter now.😀

We met in 1968, yep 1968. It was a tea in Greenwich, Ct., how lovely. A tea for incoming freshman on their way to Centenary College for Women (since then they've dropped the women part).

Now in 2012, we meet once again for our annual stay at a cabin in the woods.

Wine, Vodka, Lemons, Limes, Ice, Chocolate Cake, Pasta Salad, Scrabble? Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check...we're ready to go!

Park the car, down a hill, through the woods,

on to the dock, our chariot awaits!

Across the lake,

to another dock,

up a hill, and we've made it!

Away from it all. We talk and eat and talk and drink and talk and talk and talk. We're young again. Forget the parade of pills and vitamins lined up along the kitchen counter, the sleeveless tops that grew three quarter length sleeves and the readers that play hide and seek with us. We're a lively trio.

We solve the problems of the world. Boat, V, or round? Necklines, of course. Short, chin or shoulder? That would be hair. And, boot, straight, or skinny? You guessed it, jeans!

The time together has gone too fast, just as the years have.

Back to our lives in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine, knowing next year we will meet once again at the cabin in the woods!